New Beginnings

Re-creating my website all my blog posts disappeared, at least for my eyes. Since I like having them in this one place I added them all (not that many actually) today. Interesting to look back, remember and reflect.


Spring brings different feelings for different people. 
Some feel hopeful that this time of year is an opportunity for positive change. 
Wanting to loose weight by getting back into working out and starting healthier eating habits.
Signing up for yoga classes to find more inner peace and maybe become more limber.
Taking up meditating to hopefully, quiet the mind and being able to focus more clearly.

Others experience more pressure to do and be more, maybe different. Happier, more successful at work, making more money or be as thin as an unattainable photo shopped image in a magazine.

Some start looking or hoping even more, for a partner, Spring bringing a more intense wish for that overwhelming, body- and mind filling emotion we sometimes call, being in love.

Everything from hope to despair is what I hear around me, and maybe sometimes feel myself too.

If you think of Spring as bringing new life, which it is in nature, how can that inspire and support you in moving through this season with curiosity and courage, bringing new inner growth?

Watching flowers sprouting, trees budding and animals giving life to offspring, can remind you of the flow of life. Life and death, up and down an always forward, towards the future. And the future being ever changing.

What if you took this as an opportunity to slow down and experience the moment of beauty, awe and comfort of life’s continuation? To take those moments of being still and just let all that budding life envelope you. 

Inspire you to be more present. Remind you to breath into your whole body. Have your experience of life be in your hands instead of being pushed around by circumstances. 

Choosing to focus on what expands your life into what you really want, sometimes hidden deep within but always waiting patiently for you to hear its inner voice.

My new beginnings started about a month ago, I mean my latest new beginnings, and this is part of that.
A new website with more real life information, all about body, mind and spirit. Inspiration, meditations and more interaction.

I’m excited! I hope that you are too.

And if you have something you’d like to contribute with or if there are subjects or areas that you’d like to find out more about, please let me know.

Are you afraid of falling?


"What if I fall? Oh darling, what if you fly?"

Why is it that we're so afraid of falling/failing? Not asking for an answer, just being in wonder at how we, so often, stop ourselves, hesitate, choose not to, just out of fear of failing. Imagine if you could just live in the ups and downs, of life, and not translate them into either success or failure, but just living.

Are you an I or a we?


Some people in relationship, married or other, speak of their life and what they want or don’t want, using I, not WE.

They say my apartment and my car, even when all those, are acquired and owned by both.
Even their children, are spoken about as mine.

Is it just me hearing a distinction, that to them means something totally different, or is it a separation, energetically?

I know someone who, even when speaking of the wedding, stated that it was hers and not his. (They are now divorced, not only due to that, of course.)

I’m not saying that, when you’re in a serious (just that word…doesn’t sound too fun!) relationship, everything is we, and you loose your individuality. I’m just wondering what that distinction brings, or takes from a relationship?

When are we, we, and when are we, I and you?

There are, of course many times when one person loses themselves, and it becomes all about the other. I’ve been there a few times, for sure.
Where I became smaller and smaller. More and more I lost, knowing what I want, what I thought and even who I was.
In such a place of no power, the fight for a voice and the desperate struggling for worth, the I cries for more and more space.

So when do I and YOU, become WE? What is required? 
Marriage license? Children? Mutual bank account?

And is it necessary for a relationship to be WE, to be strong, long-lasting, happy?
Or does the I and YOU, give it more power, more ability to love and create an even stronger bond between the two? 

What, for you, in love, creates and increases, both the individual and the co-creative, energetic power?