A friendly reminder

Complaining to a friend today, that I seemed to had been in such a flow last week, and this week it just stopped. She then asked: "What were you doing before last week?"

And it hit me.

About two weeks ago I started taking a web workshop, that went on for two weeks. Each day, you got to meet, someone who is involved in and uses Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

EFT is a tool, that I have been incorporating in my coaching, since I came across it, and lately have become more and more interested in, and fascinated by.

The results are just too amazing to ignore.

The theory is that the results of a trauma, being it from a tough childhood or all those "little t's", that we all seem to encounter, is not so much from the actual trauma, but from how we react to and deal with the experiences. When we are left with (left with, because most of these negative emotions and unwanted behaviors are formed unconsciously) negative emotions, it is actually a disruption in the body's energy system, which is the cause.

By tapping on specific points on the head and body, we can actually balance the energy system, and heal from both physical, mental and emotional issues.

So for two weeks I would listen to interesting people, talk about tapping, do several tapping exercises, on all kinds of subjects, and become more and more fascinated.

For me it culminated in me giving a test workshop, to some of my friends. It went so well and so smoothly, I was amazed, considering how little preparation, that had gone in to it.

And then the web workshop ended and I went back to reading about tapping, finding more information on the web etc etc.

BUT, I didn't keep tapping. I was more in this mode of learning first, and then I'll do it.

So, thank you for that friendly reminder!

To keep tapping. To keep flowing.