Are you an I or a we?


Some people in relationship, married or other, speak of their life and what they want or don’t want, using I, not WE.

They say my apartment and my car, even when all those, are acquired and owned by both.
Even their children, are spoken about as mine.

Is it just me hearing a distinction, that to them means something totally different, or is it a separation, energetically?

I know someone who, even when speaking of the wedding, stated that it was hers and not his. (They are now divorced, not only due to that, of course.)

I’m not saying that, when you’re in a serious (just that word…doesn’t sound too fun!) relationship, everything is we, and you loose your individuality. I’m just wondering what that distinction brings, or takes from a relationship?

When are we, we, and when are we, I and you?

There are, of course many times when one person loses themselves, and it becomes all about the other. I’ve been there a few times, for sure.
Where I became smaller and smaller. More and more I lost, knowing what I want, what I thought and even who I was.
In such a place of no power, the fight for a voice and the desperate struggling for worth, the I cries for more and more space.

So when do I and YOU, become WE? What is required? 
Marriage license? Children? Mutual bank account?

And is it necessary for a relationship to be WE, to be strong, long-lasting, happy?
Or does the I and YOU, give it more power, more ability to love and create an even stronger bond between the two? 

What, for you, in love, creates and increases, both the individual and the co-creative, energetic power?