Are you running away from or moving towards?


I'm back after a great trip, a bit conflicted and torn, but that seems to be the state when one has two home-places. Miss my son, of course.

Have a new faith or inner strength (which has been growing this fall, we already know that) but wavering, when I get back to my small place and the energy of parts of New York. Don't think it's just me, it's the environment.

Want to implement new ideas, new projects and focus on a brighter future, but the negativity and underlying, suppressed (and not always suppressed) anger pulls me down.

Of course no one is pulling me down. I am the creator of my experience, and I only experience what I allow to come in to my sphere. Not trying to blame anyone else or exonerate myself from responsibility.

Just writing, I begin to notice that faint flicker/….. inside, of newness, more of a forward focus. In NLP, we talk about ”towards” and “away from” motivation. Are you motivated towards what you want, or away from what you don’t want?

I’ve been (and still am, in many instances, I think….have to check) mostly “away from”, motivated. It can be as powerful, but in my case, I think, it has only taken me so far.

To explain a bit more, imagine health, as an example.

If you’re “away from” motivated, you don’t want to be sick, so you take the steps to not be sick. You might work out, eat healthy and take care of yourself in whatever way, you think, will keep you from getting sick. You keep yourself from getting sick and might feel pretty good, most of the time.

If you, on the other hand, is “towards” motivated, you focus on being healthy, as healthy as you can imagine. You might take the same measurements, but the difference is that there’s no end result, like not being sick.

Instead you’re always looking to be even healthier, to feel even better. This might show itself as, wanting even more energy, and searching for ways to increase your energy. You’re always being curious to see if there are more ways to improve your health.

For you, is health about, not being sick, or is it about being as balanced (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) as you can be?

A new year seems to bring these kinds of reflections, at least for some of us.

So now I’m looking at and listening inwards, checking different areas in my life, to see if I’ve been able to turn my motivation from, “away from” to “towards”, since in my case, away from always seems to have stopped me at a certain point.

Towards motivation, for me, is endless, fluid and filled with possibilities. It feels different, physically and emotionally. It has an inner, bubbly, feel to it. An openness and excitement. It’s what I’ve struggled with, worked on and, now it seems, have been able to switch, to what I think will benefit me.

How about you? Are you away from or towards motivated?
Do you not want to be sick or do you want to be as healthy as you possibly can?
And with money, do you want to, not be “poor” or do you want to be “rich”?