Baffles me how you, and by that I mean me, can be on this roller coaster of emotional states. And not really from circumstances, just from focus. Up and down. feeling good, feeling horrible. Happy, sad, confident, wobbly, hopeful, defeated, calm, scared, and on and on it goes.

Being a Life Coach, aren't I supposed to be in charge, knowing how to shift those emotional states, my thought patterns, move my behavior in a more useful direction?

And, if I'm not, not talk about it. That could really harm my credibility, don't you think.

Have you heard of Ayurveda?

It's basically Indian medicine. A way of looking at people and health, that's based in that we're different types , called doshas. Air, fire, water and earth. We are a mixed of these, but often have one that dominates.

Studying Ayurveda, some years ago, I was amazed at how accurate it is. Got to know myself a bit more and found some really helpful ways of living more balanced,

I'm mostly air/ether and have no earth. What that tells you, is that I'm emotional, easily effected by the environment, both physically and energy wise, among other things.

I learned that I should eat cooked, warm food, and that I get stressed from movement and air. This explained me being a mess, every time I flew from NY to Stockholm (movement in air), which I did fairly often.

So I made some changes when flying, and that has made such a difference to my stomach, my sleep and just handling jet lag. For me it's being alert to what I eat, meditating while taking off, and, if possible (with not being able to bring liquids), putting oil on my feet, hands and face.

With life being such an up and down journey, I know I've always been looking for ways of feeling calmer, happier, more focused, and whatever else could add to my life. Maybe, not everyone is such an emotional trembling leaf, but then most of us, don't want to admit to these, so called weaknesses. And from my profession,I know we're everywhere, and we struggle and most of the time, try to hide it all.

I'm all about knowing yourself and finding ways of moving, a bit easier, in the world. So Ayurveda has helped me understand why I react the way I do in certain circumstances, and then to apply ways of moving myself towards more balance.

And to, always, working on being honest, especially with oneself, and then the rest of the world.

For me, of course, also remembering, there is always help to be found. My favorites being, Life Coaching (, of course, and I have my own very honest, pushy, tough and loving coach, Annika Sundbom-Åström at, talking to honest and loving friends, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, eating healthy, etc, etc.

Remember that at the beginning, I also mentioned focus.

Do you focus on how hard life is or do you focus on how you'd like it to be?.

This morning, I definitely focused on worries and non-solutions, of one of those areas, I'm struggling with. And then, slowly but surely (and surprisingly), I shifted my focus, and solutions started to present themselves.

What do you do to keep your equilibrium? To move yourself forward?

Jan 30 2014