"Insight light"


I know that insights can be "small and faint" maybe they're called "insight light". Or maybe, they're all the same "size", we just don't see the results from them, in a big way, right away.

Had such a great day yesterday. Spend all day outdoors which hasn't happened in a while, due to, too much work.

Spent the evening watching a movie and/but had a slight feeling of dis-ease, being very aware of it being about an email I hadn't responded to. Didn't want to respond to it then, because I was afraid that the person would get back to me with something unpleasant, and then I wouldn't be able to sleep.

Anyway ended up sleeping NINE hours. When did that happen last, (surprised I didn't pee in the bed). 

In the morning I sent off my questions and immediately felt this release, lightness in my body, and a pain in my left (operated) area, that subsided in a couple of seconds.

My take on that is (another confirmation) that dis-ease is a  call to action, and the body speaks to you all the time. When you learn its language, you know the appropriate steps to take. I think that, when we dare to allow the channels to be open, then we receive continuous signs, as to, how to live our life.