See me, hear me, feel me


Growing up, I got the most attention from my parents, when I could be felt sorry for. 

When I was sad, had a hard time, needed help with something I didn’t seem to be able to take care of myself. And I was a pretty tough kid, so I had to createmore and more drama, tougher and tougher situations, to get that attention. 

Nothing really bad but having come to that insight later in life, I can definitely see a pattern.


What usually happens then, is that you keep creating your life, in the same way. 

Drawing people in, who fit into your story. You being “helpless”, others helping, and losing more and more of your own power and capability to do, handle and create what you really want.

Having worked on it (of course, being obsessed with personal growth, mine and others, lol) and thought I had stepped out of those scenarios, I got a bit surprised when I fell down a flight of stairs, a week ago.

Yes, my amygdala (fight/flight/instinctive reactions in the brain ) thought there was a boxspring falling from the top of those stairs, it reacted and down I went. Turned out to be something harmless, but too late.

No broken bones but bruised, and very sore.

Remembered, “See me, hear me, feel me”, from the movie “Tommy” with Robert Daltry from The Who. Not comparing my life to his, just the lyrics.

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Since I focus on creating stories that support me, that'll draw my intended future closer, and am very aware of when I fall into old holes, so to speak, I had to sit back, and ponder on why I now created this.

Was it about attention? Wanting to get out of a situation where I haven’t been able to find the do-able action steps yet? 

Or maybe the universe wanted to show me, that my body is strong and amazing?

Listening to Esther Hicks, telling a story, “accidents” sometimes are about showing you, your ability to survive, your ability to sustain. 

For you to discover, be reminded of, the amazing power you actually have.

I think I’ll go with that one.

What are some of your modi operandi?