Here we go!

Woke up yesterday with new hope, new strength, new will and, of course :) a new idea. More to come!

INow I have a purpose, a reason, something creative to focus on. Something real, something me and something that’s the truth. The truth in the midst of all the pretend prettiness in people’s lives on social media.

This is what cancer, what chemo looks like, sounds like, feels like. Not just the insightful aftermath, the upbeat “I got through it”.

Of course that also has a place but how about showing how it really is and maybe then someone can feel included and know that they are not alone. Out of that can come your true, inner power, I think.

So yesterday I filled up on vitamins an supplements, anything that hopefully will help with the side effects and also keep my body as healthy as possible during the “poisoning” (I know that needs to change to healing, not just yet).

I stocked up on dog food and some other things so that I don’t need to think about some of those daily things. I also started looking for beanies, since right now, i don’t think I’ll go the wig route. Also, not having worked for quite some time I don’t really have money for extras.

So with a glass of hot water (Ayurveda/Vata) a vitamin and fiber filled smoothie, coffee (have to have my coffee!) I’m now ready for my first drop of Cannabis oil. Have to be honest and say that I wish it would actually give you a high and this even before I have started the treatment.

I sure hope I’m as tough as I, and those around me, think I am.