I work with you, who want to grow personally and develop your ability to lead yourself, to create the life you want.

This always requires courage and curiosity, a willingness to fully step in and to have an openness to that the world can be different than what you’ve thoughtso far, both on my part and yours. 
It’s not me telling you what to do, it’s us working together, for you to discover more of your own power.

I believe that what we need to be happier, stronger, healthier, more successful and more content is a to take care of both body, mind and spirit. 
To do new even though you’re scared, to believe even though you have no proof and to always dare to step forward with an open heart.
To arrive to where you love yourself unconditionally, take full responsibility for you and your life and also let that extend to others.

You find me at marie@mindtolife.com or +46 708-43 46 22


"Dear Marie,

You really helped me through a transitional period. I have spent most of life in the fashion world as model. Modeling is a great opportunity to travel and provides opportunity to be seen but not so much heard. 

I have always dabbled in business but was unable to keep the confidence level needed to really make a mark. Since, being hypnotized by you in the past few weeks my life has changed in multiple ways. I have gained the ability to present my abilities and business sense in a extremely confident manner. Allowing me to open many new doors for myself. I no longer hear the negative chatter that once held me back from accomplishing my dreams. 

I was definitely ready and I am so excited to see how this year unfolds!!!! Thank you again!!!!"

- Sue