We all come into this world in different arenas and under different conditions, but we all have the possibility to find our inner truth and create more joy and passion in our life.

In personal growth and leadership training there are numerous schools and tools and some of what I use are:
NLP (Certified NLP Coach from Skandinaviska NLP-Institutet, Stockholm))
Therapeutic Hypnosis (Certified Ericksonian Therapeutic Hypnotist,  NLP Center of New York)
Time Line Therapy (Time Line Practitioner, Skandinaviska NLP Institutet, Stockholm)
Mindfulness (Workshops and classes, taken with numerous teachers and led for many years in Sweden and New York) 
Meditation (Practicing since the 80’s)
TRE (Trauma Release Exercises, Jonas Nordström, Stockholm)

In my past I’ve worked with:
Massage Therapy (Licensed Massage Therapist from The Swedish Institute, New York)
Personal Training (before you could get certified, own training and competing in bodybuilding in the 80’s and working with clients for ten years)
Dance (BA in Dance Education from University College of Dance and Circus, Stockholm)

I also have education in and experience with:
Ayurveda (Ayurveda Center in Varberg, Sweden)
Reiki (Step I course, Stockholm)

I coach in English and Swedish. In person or via Skype.
You find me at marie@mindtolife.com or +46 708-43 46 22


*Marie has helped me through my difficulties, many times. I have had so much help from her and I will continue having contact with her. I can´t be without her and her ability in hypnosis and coaching, She is such a professional, caring coach and therapeutic hypnotist. I would recommend her and Mind To Life to anyone, who want get help to move further in their life. Everything is easy to deal with, for her". 

- Annika Sundbom Åström, Leadership developer, Group developer, Sweden