Meditation isn’t only about reaching enlightenment anymore. In our western world we take a moment to still our mind, to de-stress and re-focus, to visualize a different future, to boost our health or to connect with our own inner power.

Whatever your goal is to sit quietly for a bit, you will strengthen your immune system, you will clear your mind and you might even experience a deeper connection, because meditation does all those things. Since my life and work also include hypnosis and mindfulness, this meditation has some of that too, to further deepen the effect.

I invite you therefore to find a quiet place and a comfortable position (not driving or doing anything that acquires your full attention) and follow me on a brief  (8 minute) journey into your unconscious mind.



"I had tried yoga for a while and wanted to deepen my inner journey. With Marie’s distinctive voice, clarity and focus, the journey became a a very positive experience.

Using visualization she communicates an inner calm and opens up to new paths and new ways of looking at the world. I have already found an exciting destination with the help of Marie. Thank You!"

Susanne Einarsson, Stockholm


“I got in touch with Marie because I felt stressed before a pretty serious operation.  Marie offered to put together a personalized meditation that I could use to help me handle my worries.

I listened to it every day and to hear the same words every day felt comforting and at the same time I experienced the “session” as new each time.

For each time I felt calmer and more relaxed. It was as if the words poured over me and filled my whole body.

I recommend anyone who has something worrisome in front of them to use this to get a moment of relaxation and find balance in the midst of it all, to take time to prepare and be ready when the day comes.”

Susanne Lokrantz, Stockholm